Choosing a Videographer

Ten Reasons why you should use a Professional Videographer to film your wedding.

1. Your wedding will probably be the only day in your life when all your family and friends are together with you in one place and should be documented on film because you can’t possibly take it all in on the day.

2. You can’t entrust this most important film to a friend because he/she will almost certainly miss things and it will never look as good as a professional film and so you won’t get the enjoyment from it that you could have.
Also your friend will be stressed out doing it, won’t enjoy the day and you may even fall out with them because of it – really, it happens! There is no chance of a re-shoot.

3. A professional film will be independent, it should cover everyone and pick up details you would otherwise miss. A friend or family member will tend to concentrate on people they know.

4. Sound and movement add atmosphere and dimensions that no photographs can capture. A common comment from my newly-weds is that the photos were OK but they love the video.

5. You should have film of the ceremony, vows, sermon and all the speeches for posterity even if you only watch those parts occasionally.

6. You should have the whole event filmed to show friends and family who cannot attend.

7. You should have the whole event filmed to show friends and family you don’t have yet!

8. After the big day you will talk about it constantly and want to relive it. The only way to do that is have it filmed, professionally.

9. You will see so many things on a film that happened on the day which would otherwise have been forgotten forever.

10. A recent survey in America showed that before their weddings only 46% of couples thought a professional film of their day was important. A survey of couples after their weddings showed 94% thought it important.

Ten Reasons why you should book Shay Casserley to film your Wedding.

1. You want someone to rely on with a proven track record, plenty of experience and a consistent high level of expertise – you can’t leave it to chance.

2. You want someone with imagination and artistic ability to make you and your wedding look (even more) fantastic.

3. You want someone confident they can cope with the demands of the day and solve any problems quickly to ensure everything is covered.

4. You want someone unobtrusive who keeps a low profile on the day, who quietly and professionally goes about his business yet amazes you with how much he has captured while you were enjoying the day. You don’t want quote “a camera in you face all the time”.

5. You want someone who dresses smartly and makes every effort to be polite and charming on the day (well at least I try).

6. You want someone you can deal with who responds to your messages, answers queries and promptly resolves any problems you may have before or after the wedding.

7. You want a final product you’ll want to watch over and over again and be proud to show to your family and friends.

8. You want it to be tastefully filmed and edited to feel like a smooth flowing movie or TV show – not amateurish, boring or cheesy.

9. You want to see you family and friends being relaxed and natural – not staged.

10. You want it to have a real WOW factor, not through lots of fancy effects but just great movie making that is compulsive and you will never tire of. You want it to make you feel happy.